Golf Club Fitting

What is Golf Club Fitting?

A club fitting by a Fossil Trace Golf Club Certified Fitter involves creating a marriage of a club to how a player moves during their swing.  The better the marriage, the better the golf shot – it is that simple.  If you wear a size 11 shoe, would you buy a size 9?  Of course not, yet the majority of players have done just this with golf equipment that doesn’t fit them. The Fossil Trace fitting experience will forever change the way you select your equipment.  You deserve to play your best and we are here to help.  Ask those who have been fit by a Fossil Trace Certified Club Fitter and you will quickly hear why you must consider it before making any equipment decision.


Our intent is to provide you the best equipment options – personalized to your game. We will not sell you equipment you don’t need or that may not fit.  Our team of certified fitters, lead by PGA Head Golf Professional Jim Hajek, will listen to your needs and offer expertise on how to best improve your game through a club fitting.  Fitting systems from the finest club manufacturers, our GC2 Launch Monitor and software technologies provide feedback that allows for the optimization of launch conditions, distances and spin rates throughout the makeup of your set. This process further ensures that the clubs you play have been fit properly, thus making a fitting experience at Fossil Trace a truly valuable one.  Speaking of feedback, we offer the ability of visual feedback as all club fittings are conducted outside on the practice range.

 Trust – we will listen to you and your needs, evaluate your current equipment and provide you the best option for game improvement, even if it means sticking with your current equipment.

 We are one of very few public golf facilities that offer fittings for all club categories, including woods, irons, hybrids and wedges using the latest in fitting systems from Titleist, PING, Mizuno, Callaway, Cobra and TaylorMade.  Just need a wedge – we will fit you for a wedge.  Need a new fairway wood and hybrid – we will fit you for a fairway and hybrid. 

“I have been custom fit in a couple different places for iron sets and a driver in the past and I’ve never seen results like I’ve gotten from the driver that you guys put in my hands. The deal that you offer as far as cost goes is better than any I have seen as well. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!”
             Kevin M.


“I am not a good enough player to get fit for golf clubs.”
Fossil Trace Golf Club and its fitters understand each player and their equipment needs are different.  If you don’t fit into or don’t need a full set, we can start with a set as simple as a driver, 7 iron and sand wedge.

“A club fitting must cost a fortune.”
The initial fitting fee is $50; the lowest in the Denver Metro Area especially given the quality of the fitters, systems and fitting experience.

“Golf clubs purchased directly through a Golf Shop are more expensive than online or a big box retailer.”
We match or beat the off-course retailer’s prices and you receive exclusive perks at Fossil Trace that others cannot offer.

With a $250+ purchase – receive 4 large buckets of balls ($40 value).
With a $500+ purchase – receive a free round of golf w/cart ($90 value

Schedule a Golf Club Fitting

Appointments are required so please call (303) 277-8750 a minimum of 24 hours in advance or complete the form below to set up your personal fitting session:
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