FOSSIL TRACE JUNIOR GOLF CAMP is designed to introduce and teach the young golfer skills needed to play and enjoy the game of golf. We take pride in offering an engaging and organized camp experience for junior golfers ages 5-13 years old. Our weekday camps combine instruction, fun and fitness. Each day during the camp, students will be introduced to basic swing mechanics including grip, alignment, & posture along with basic rules and etiquette.


  • Junior athletic development training focuses on movement skills and athleticism.
    (coordination, run, jump, push, pull, balance, toss, etc.)
  • Golf clubs available during camps (no fee). Instructors provide recommendations on equipment.
  • Limited registration per week with more 1:1 coaching.
  • Fossil Trace gift, achievement certificate, and 4-bucket practice range pass. (Not included in Little Tykes camp)
  • All camps held at Fossil Trace Golf Club.

Junior Full-Day Camps

Full Day with Play - 2 Days

Juniors will learn and develop skills on both days. Towards the end of the first day, they will play golf on the course to apply what they have practiced and learned.

Choose one of the date ranges below when registering. Camps are Tuesday-Wednesday. Weather make-up day (if necessary) is Thursday.

DATES: June 26-June 27 & July 31-August 1
AGE: 8-13 years old
TIME: 11:00am-5:15pm
COST: $325 per junior


Junior Half-Day Camps

Half Day Camps - 3 Days

Juniors will learn, practice, and develop skills and athletic abilities. While they will learn on-course application, the half day camp does not experience actual on-course play. Consider the Full Day with Play camp if your junior is ready for that step to learn.

Choose one of the date ranges below when registering. Camps are Tuesday-Thursday. Weather make-up day (if necessary) is Friday.

DATES: June 5-June 7, June 12-June 14, June 19-June 21, July 17-July 19, & July 24-July 26
AGE: 6-11 years old
TIME: 8:00am-10:30am
COST: $150 per junior


Little Tykes

Little Tykes 4-Week Camp

Saturday Tykes camp is designed for young golfers to have a fun, social, & positive experience in a golf setting. Fossil Trace will teach little tykes the fundamentals of golf (and sports), all while having fun in an appropriate time frame for their age. No skill is required - little tykes must be able to listen, follow rules, and handle separation from their parent.

Choose one of the date ranges below when registering. Camps are every Saturday for 4 weeks, and Sunday will be a weather make-up day if necessary.

DATES: Saturdays, June 9-June 30 & July 14-August 4
AGE: 5-8 years old
TIME: 11:00am-12:00pm
COST: $100 per junior


LPGA Girls Golf Empower Day

LPGA Girls Golf Empower Day

Girls will learn basic golf skills in a social and supportive environment. We focus on empowering girls to have confidence in their abilities on and off the course. Katie Johnson, PGA leads the Empower Day program.

Choose one of the dates below when registering. Empower days are 90 minutes long.

DATES: July 26
AGE: 7-12 years old
TIME: 2:00pm-3:30pm
COST: $50 per girl


Seasonal Junior Golf School

Seasonal 2-Month Golf School

This program is designed for students to work on skills needed for growth in the game. Seasonal Junior Golf School offers a comprehensive golf coaching program with the goal of exposing the athlete to more advanced golf coaching principles and introductory level competition. It also introduces the concepts of physical development, technical development, the mental game, and course management.

Each season includes four (4) group coaching sessions, four (4) supervised practice sessions*, and two (2) 9-hole matches. Also includes practice range pass and free golf after 4:00pm on Mondays when available.

Choose one of the date ranges below when registering (specific dates will be listed on the registration site).

SEASONS: Spring, Summer, & Fall
AGE: 8-17 years old
TIME: Varies each practice session (listed on WebTrac registration site and communicated by Adam Finch, PGA)
COST: $400/junior each seasons


*Three (3) supervised practice sessions in the summer season.