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The PGA JUNIOR LEAGUE at FOSSIL TRACE is an opportunity to play the great game of golf in a team atmosphere. Teams are comprised of boys and girls ages 13 and under.  PGA Junior League (PGA JLG) provides a structured league environment, similar to Little League Baseball; PGA JLG League provides both competitive, team golf  opportunities with friends and peers, but students also receive guidance and instruction from the Fossil Trace professional staff. A scramble format is utilized for all PGA Junior League matches, creating a fun, inclusive playing environment. PGA Junior League Golf at Fossil Trace features the following amenities: 5-team lessons/practice sessions with a member of the Fossil Trace professional staff, up to 7 team matches in June and July at area courses and the opportunity for post-season play in August.  The other league courses are West Woods Golf Club, Lake Arbor Golf Club, Foothills Golf Course and Raccoon Creek Golf Course. Practice sessions will be 1 hour in length in May and June. Unfortunately there are no makeup dates for missed practices or matches.

PGA Junior League Participants Receive:

  • A numbered, team jersey.
  • Golf balls and a PGA Junior League bag tag.
  • 5, team practice/lesson sessions at Fossil Trace.
  • Up to 7, 9-hole regular-season league matches.
  • Instruction and guidance from the Fossil Trace Professional Staff.


MAY 18th 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm TBD
MAY 25th 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm TBD
JUNE 1st 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm TBD
JUNE 8th 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm TBD

If your child can drive, chip or putt, we have a role for them in PGA Junior League. If your child needs further experience, join our Junior Clinics or Camps this summer. We will be accepting registrations on a first come, first serve basis to fill the Fossil Trace Junior League Team. For registration questions, please contact Adam Finch, PGA Professional at (303) 277-8751 or


The PGA Junior League program features a team vs. team format in a structured league providing the popular, less stressful scramble format. PGA JLG is a great way to get the entire family involved in golf; parents as spectators, team-dads, and even coaches.  

Similar to other youth recreational sports, PGA JLG encourages and relies on parental involvement. In addition to making sure participants get to matches and practices, parents can play an important role in the success of their team:

  • Team assistant
  • Coach
  • Team-mom or dad
  • Match monitor/scorer
  • Player recruitment

WHY WE PLAY Golf is FUN!  The focus of PGA JLG is to have fun playing golf with friends and peers. Junior League teams want to win, but the stress of golf often associated with individual tournament play is eliminated by the low-pressure format and camaraderie of playing on a team with your buddies. Our goal is to foster an enjoyment of the game of golf that will last a lifetime.

THE TEAM and FORMAT There is no individual scoring in PGA JLG. The two-player scramble format allows for all participants to feel connected with their team. Strong play is certainly rewarded, while a poor shot does not lose the hole. Players of all skill levels are welcome and will contribute to the team’s success. Each player get to play, in every competition!

“Flags” Each team-vs-team competition in PGA JLG consists of four 9-hole matches. Each 9-hole match is broken down into three 3-hole segments that we call “Flags”. Actual “Flag” stickers are awarded to participants upon capturing a 3-hole point for their team. The stickers are collected by the players throughout the season, and proudly displayed on their PGA JLG bag-tags as a sign of accomplishment.

Alternates In PGA JLG matches, coaches have the opportunity to alternate players at the beginning of each new “Flag”. Each player is guaranteed to play at least one “Flag” in each competition. Alternates allow coaches to create pairs that maximize the team’s chance for success, while still preserving the most enjoyable overall experience for each player.

UNIFORMS Yes, golf uniforms! This amenity is perhaps the most popular innovation in the PGA Junior League. Numbered jerseys will be supplied to all players and teams as part of the kit. Kids may be accustomed to wearing numbers in other sports and it has made it way to the great game of golf.