Private & Semi-Private Lessons


If booking by phone or e-mail, contact your Professional directly to arrange your lesson day and time. To book online (up to 2 weeks in advance), click Schedule a Lesson below.

We can customize an program for you by creating a whole or half day learning experience (including breakfast, lunch or dinner options). For more information call Adam Finch, PGA at (303) 277-8751 or email at

Adam Finch, PGA

First Assistant Professional Adam Finch, PGA has been at Fossil Trace Golf Club since June 2006. He has a simple teaching philosophy: there’s no specific philosophy or technique applied to all students. Rather, he focuses on the individuality of each student and their respective skills. Adam fosters a relationship with his students, built on patience from his coaching experience (and having 3 young boys at home), positive messaging and creating a pathway for each of his students to fulfill their goals in golf. Adam’s teaching experience extends to students of all skill levels, but he has a particular passion and knowledge of the short game as well as working with beginning adult and recreational players to simplify a complex game.

Adam has been a golf professional/instructor for over 15 years and prior to becoming the 1st Assistant at Fossil Trace Golf Club in 2006, Adam worked as a golf professional at the award-winning Grand View Lodge and Minnesota Valley Country Club; both in his home state of Minnesota. He has also worked at private facilities in Naples, FL. Adam has been a PGA member since 2007. As a result of his dedication to Fossil Trace guests and his students, Adam was awarded the 2014 PGA Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Award by the Colorado Section PGA.

To schedule a lesson with Adam, use U-Schedule or contact him directly.

Tel:(303) 277-8751

Nick Borgeson

Assistant Professional Nick Borgeson has been at Fossil Trace Golf Club since 2004. He is dedicated to helping each student get the most enjoyment possible out of the game of golf. Each student Nick works with has differing aspirations and goals, and he is able to create a lesson plan that is specifically designed for each student, happy to work with hundreds of different swings and realizing that not every person should have the same swing.

Nick has a true passion for the game of golf garnered through years of learning and playing the game with his family. When Nick is teaching women’s clinics, it is apparent that he learned his demeanor and respect for the game from his grandmother, aunts, sister and mother, all of whom he enjoys golfing with regularly. Fly fishing and the patience that comes with it as well as having a father that is a sports psychologist allows Nick to delve into the mental aspects of the game when he’s teaching.

To schedule a lesson with Nick, use U-Schedule or contact him directly.

Tel:(303) 277-8753

Katie Johnson, PGA

Assistant Professional Katie Johnson, PGA has been at Fossil Trace Golf Club since March 2018. After 10 years of teaching, her goal as an instructor is to help every golfer reach their personal goals in the game. She uses each student’s physical capabilities, previous sports involvement, time commitment, and desired outcome to drive the focus of each lesson. As a former college athlete, Katie possesses a strong knowledge of physical fitness, its application to golf, and the importance of technique in all sports.

While Katie enjoys teaching golfers of all abilities and ages, her favorite lessons are with juniors, women, and beginners. She finds fulfillment in helping a brand-new golfer transition from the practice range to the golf course – all while making the game fun. Her dedication to growing the game resulted in the Dakota Chapter 2016 Assistant of the Year award.

To schedule a lesson with Katie, use U-Schedule or contact her directly.

Tel:(303) 277-8760


Private LessonsCost Semi-Private Lessons (2-6 Students)Cost
45 Minutes$7560 Minutes$125
45 Minutes | Series of 3 Package$21060 Minutes | Series of 3 Package$350
45 Minutes | Series of 5 Package$35060 Minutes | Series of 5 Package$600
Jr Private LessonsCostJr Semi-Private Lessons (2-6 Students)Cost
45 Minutes$5060 Minutes$75
45 Minutes | Series of 3 Package$13560 Minutes | Series of 3 Package$210
45 Minutes | Series of 5 Package$22560 Minutes | Series of 5 Package$350


Series of 3 Package includes 4-bucket range pass
Series of 5 Package includes 4-bucket range pass PLUS an on-course playing lesson
Must create your own group for Semi-Private Lessons


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