The Architect

Jim Engh Design

Jim Engh ImageWith the opening of Sanctuary in 1997, and followed by a multitude of award-winning mountain course, Jim Engh Design has become the industry leader for creating spectacular golf on tremendously rugged and difficult land.  As a small specialty firm, they accept only a limited number of projects.  The goal is simple, to create unique an award-winning golf experiences around the world while providing their clients an unequaled level of personal service and friendship.

Mitch CroppedWhile Jim continues to fulfill the creative design aspects for each project, Mitch Scarborough handles the production of Jim’s hand drawings and monitors the daily activities of the offices for both China and the U.S.  Jim and Mitch’s award-winning golf courses speak for themselves.  However, it is the efficiency of their construction costs that separate Jim Engh Design from the rest of the profession.

“There are some people in my business who follow some rules;  I don’t.  Somewhere along the way, somebody made this book about what a golf course should be.  I’ve never seen it, fortunately.  I don’t think there should be any rules.  The only rule is that I don’t have any rules.”  Engh Logo2

“Sometimes I get criticized for doing things that are outside the norm, but that’s OK. If I didn’t have a couple people taking shots at me about a project, then I’d probably look at myself and think I wasn’t trying hard enough” 

~ Jim Engh, May 2010 – Mile High Sports

Golf Digest has named it’s “Architect of the Year” just one time … it was Jim Engh.